The Ohture Story

So there we were, two mums in their 30’s sitting in a car park of an industrial area outside a local ‘sex shop’ feeling disappointed, confused, and definitely not empowered.

It was there that the first ‘off the cuff’ remarks about having our own store begun to be thrown around. The more we discussed the idea the more the idea became a vision. And today that vision has become a reality. Our aim was to create a space for mums just like us wanting to explore, harness, re-capture their sexuality in a safe, empowering way. No shame, no muting, no hiding – just open honest encouraging information, knowledge, and support. 

So come learn, share, laugh, let your guard down at The Ohture. 

Jessa - The Ohture: Encourage Sexual Health & Wellness

Hi, I'm Jess

Hello New Friends

My name is Jess,

I’m a mum of 4 incredible kids and I’ve been married to Ryan for almost 10 amazing years. I love socialising and chatting all things parenting, love, sex & life. (Especially with Jem)

My 20’s were all things babies, toddlers & teens as well as working full time & putting everyone else before myself.

Now that I’m heading towards mid-30s I have entered a new stage of my life. I’m enjoying feeling sexy & confident from within & I want to help others to feel the same through opening the dialogue & starting the conversation of sex and sexuality.

So here’s to feeling like a (advanced) teenager all over again. Let’s have fun!

It's me...Jemma

I’m Jem. A mum of two boys and wife to husband Chris. I am a counsellor and life coach, and currently studying Psychology. I love helping people overcome limiting beliefs and boundaries to become confident and empowered individuals.

Having entered my 30’s and had 2 boys I’ve finally taken a step back and realised a lot has changed in my life. I found was looking at myself and wondering where that confident, sexy, empowered woman went that took control of my 20s?

So myself (and Jess) have made a commitment. We made a commitment to rediscover and harness our sexuality once again, bigger and better.

We are going to find and implement whatever it takes to become empowered individuals who own their sexuality. 

jem - The Ohture: Encourage Sexual Health & Wellness