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The Ohture community is here for you to feel comfortable enough to remove the taboo and shame around “sex talk”, to learn new things, to open your mind and let your individual flair shine. This is a safe space for you to communicate with peers, ask questions and support each other through your “Oh” Journey.

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The Ohture Facebook page is our community sharing circle of all things well-being, lifestyle, empowerment, sex and sexuality. Come join a collective of strong and inspiring women all over the world who come together to share stories, tips, tricks, tools, and encourage each other in a safe and open environment. This space is reserved for those who wish to connect, share, and be a part of something bigger whilst having fun in the process. So come along, have a look, and join The Ohture Collective.

Podcast Community

The Ohture podcasts look to connect you with like-minded women whilst exploring the world of well-being, empowerment, sexuality and discovering inspiring ideas, services and experiences. If there’s a topic you want to delve into further, then Jem and Jess will take you there through fun, exciting and witty interviews. Connect with us and let up know what topics you would like us to go down the rabbit hole into.

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