The beginners Guide to toys

Okay ladies, so you’ve decided you’re going to get a “sex toy”. Your girlfriends have finally convinced you, you’re ready to start reclaiming your own pleasure. You sit in bed late at night and start searching on your phone only to be faced with thousands upon thousands of different options. You quickly move from excitement to feeling slightly overwhelmed and even confused. What the hell does that do? Is that for him or her? How do you work that one? You feel you may be slightly out of your depth. And there ends your first experience of ‘trying’ to buy a sex toy. Well, never fear as we are here to help you! Look at one point every woman was a newbie to the toy world so we decided to take the guesswork and confusion out of the experience by showing you the top 5 introductory toys for women making her first purchase. Enjoy!

The Vibrator

The vibrator, also known as a massager, is a sex toy used, usually downstairs, to produce pleasurable sexual stimulation. They come in all different shapes and sizes for example the bullet is a small lipstick sized vibrator often used on the clitoris, then you move up in size to anything as big as The Le Wand. Vibrators will usually come with different settings that involve different levels and patterns of vibrating. Majority are waterproof and rechargeable, so you don’t have to steal the batteries from the remote control late at night. The vibrator is a staple piece for any woman’s collection for its versatility and compatibility with other toys.

Below – The leWand

Le Wand Rechargeable Massager - The Ohture: Encourage Sexual Health & Wellness

The Dildo

Dildos, often shaped like a penis, generally do not vibrate on their own. They are most often used for sexual penetration of the vagina, mouth or your behind. They come in all different shapes, sizes, firmness (yes firmness), colours, patterns and textures. Some look extremely realistic while others can be so sleek and less obvious you wouldn’t even know what it was. Some even come with suction caps on the end to help ‘keep them in place’ “cough-cough shower”. Hell you can even clone a willy these days. You can almost guarantee there will be a dildo out there for every lady no matter what her taste. Our recommendation is the Colours Pleasure Dildo, soft in 5 or 8 inches as pictured below.

Colours Pleasure 5in. Dildo - The Ohture: Encourage Sexual Health & Wellness

The Sona 2

Ladies meet the Sona 2. This little baby is a fairly new entry to the world of sex toys and has probably made the biggest impact. Why? Because it uses Sensonic technology to stimulate every part of your clitoris. The Sona 2 emits gentle air pulsation vibrations to gently stimulate and massage all at once, without even touching you. It’s waterproof and even automatically increases in intensity when you push it against yourself. This little toy has taken pleasure to the next level. With it’s sleek discreet design it can easily be stored in your bedside drawer, handbag and wouldn’t even be noticed by others.

SONA 2 Cruise - The Ohture: Encourage Sexual Health & Wellness

The Soraya

Now for those ladies who want the best of both worlds meaning both a dildo and a vibraotr you want something along the lines of the Soraya. The soraya, also known as a rabbit vibrator, is a dual-action sex toy that allows for penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time. Great for those who love both penetration and stimulation of the clitoris. The Soraya has been said to be one of the most beautifully designed dual-action vibrators. The Soraya is extremely quiet and delivers different levels of vibration intensity and patterns. Not to mention comes with a usb charging cord, so no having to look for random chargers that you stashed away awhile ago. The Soraya has been expertly designed to access your G spot and clitorus at the same time. And last but not least the Soraya is waterproof and can be used in the bath or shower along with your glass of wine and candles. 

Soraya - The Ohture: Encourage Sexual Health & Wellness

Care for your toys.

Lastly ladies, it’s important that you care for your new investments. Cleaning your toys is highly recommended to ensure your toys stay in their best condition. This simply involves cleaning them after use with the appropriate products. We recommend the Lelo toy cleaning spray, it’s ast-acting, alcohol and paraben free, comes as an easy-on spray bottle (60 mL/ 2 oz), and is safe and effective (picture below).

LELO toy cleaning spray 60ML - The Ohture: Encourage Sexual Health & Wellness

So hopefully this has given some insight to just a few of the many toys out there all designed to help you explore yourself on a sexual level and become empowered and confident in taking the lead of your own sex life. Have fun creating your own “O” moments.

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